song & poetry EP

by The Offshore Accounts



The fourth album by singer and multi-instrumentalist Noah Fence, Song & Poetry is a minimalist offering showcasing mandolin and hand percussion. True to life lyrics about transition, loss, and humility.


released June 1, 2006

All songs written by Noah Fence

All instruments and vocals by Noah Fence
*no guitars were used on the production of this album*




The Offshore Accounts Seaford, Delaware

The Offshore Accounts are proud to have recently been featured on The Fifth Tone Compilation! Check out the brand new recording on the free download here:

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Track Name: Motorcycles
I guess it’s true that coming here alone
Maybe I could learn a little quicker, I’ve found
No one, nothing, nobody, nothing to ever stop or slow me down
I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not the kind of guy who could ever wait for you
But I won’t lie, I’m getting a little lonely here without you
I’m lonely, and it feels like it’s just me sometimes
I’m lonely, and it feels like it’s just me
I guess it’s true that motorcycles go faster than cars in this town
They get around and weave in and out downtown
I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not the kind of guy who could ever wait for you
But you’ve gotta know, I’m getting a little lonely here without you
I can’t complain, I can’t complain, I’m not complaining
I can’t complain, I can’t complain, I wouldn’t complain
I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not the kind of guy who could ever go back for you
But I won’t lie, I’m getting a little lonely here without you
Track Name: Never Give Up On You
I thought we’d seen the last of the winter this year
All the ice had melted and I was ready to sing again
But the snow that’s falling all around
Has done enough to prove me wrong
I don’t know if I can take another day like this
I don’t want to hear that I’ve got to wait until tomorrow
Today’s what matters, but I’m at the point where I can only laugh
When I went outside today I didn’t see much but skies of grey
It’s hard to be hopeful when the sun don’t shine
But I know that I’ll see the sun tomorrow
And if I don’t...
I’ll never give up on you because you never gave up and you’re never giving
up on me
Track Name: Emo Calling
When they heard we were leaving for college
They turned Jammin’ Java into a real estate office
When they heard we had played our last show
They shut the doors at Caffe Sarajevo
When they heard we stopped cruising around in my car
Singing wherever we went
They took the price of gas up a full 80%
Back then we could make no mistakes
When we knew all the words to every song on the tape
And the days of ska have all but passed away
And now emo is calling out our names
We should have know they couldn’t go on without us
And when we came back nothing would be quite like we left it
But who was there to stand in the way of all our dreams
We’ve gone and we’ve learned and we’ve grown but we’ve yearned
For everything that those things mean
And God forbid that day should come when even Friendly’s would go under
But you know if that happened I’d still always be your brother
Track Name: The End is Near
Flashback, summer of 1998
And “Our Newest Album Ever!” alone was the tape
And I sang the songs that made the summer last so long
I never thought so far ahead
That I would hold this album here in my hands
This is new and no one told me
That these tunes would have me creeping up on a decade
And what is over for the band
Now leaves me their age when they began
Fast forward, all these years that have passed
I’m not a kid anymore and realize how fast
It all will seem, the time in between great landmarks
I’ve got no regrets and I am looking forward
I am looking forward cuz I’ve got no regrets
The end of something extraordinary for Five Iron Frenzy
Is the start of something definitely for me
Track Name: Chicago Wind
Well I should have known better than to set up my easel outside today
But when I sat down to draw you know I thought everything would be
Too close to the fountain, that Chicago wind
Blew all the way up from Lake Michigan
And out of my hands and into the water you flew away
Track Name: Winter Broke Before I Did
The dampness penetrates and makes things crumble
The joints in my body ache, I stay humble
The true test of life is these dreary days
So I’ll keep my heart close to the one
Who’s kicked these coals into glow
Outside the wet concrete
the busted-up sidewalk’s under my feet again
Blinded by the streetlight haze
I’m wearing down and I wonder will they find the way
My heart pushes and shoves like in a crowded bus in the afternoon
The winter plays me like a sad, sad tune
There’s strength in friction, there’s friction inside
So I’ll stay close to the feet of the one
Who’s kicked these coals into glow
Jesus, you’ve kicked these coals into glow
The stubborn hold of a faithful friend
Gets me out of bed and up to my feet again
You won’t put out what’s been lit inside
And from this man you can expect a persevering fight
Track Name: Human After All
Boy, you’ve got to get your face out of the mud again
Cuz though the path is slippery you know there’s something new
Because today the snow fell down all over the trees
And can’t you see it’s falling, falling down on you too
I looked up to the sky and saw them big flakes coming down
And forgiveness I could trust
I let go everything inside and I could see my breath
I guess I’m human after all
Boy, you’ve got to know you can’t hold your breath forever
And no one expects you to
Because I know that you know beauty when you see it
And did you see the way that the mountain was covered with snow
Track Name: Misty Panorama
Looking into the orange coals makes me forget
What time it is
And all my favorite questions seem to escape me
Like “What are we doing tomorrow” and “What happens next”
I could sink my head beneath the sea
And I could climb a couple kilometers
But if I don’t see that it’s for now
It’s half worthless somehow
For you won’t be reduced to 35mm
Looking into the sea of clouds beneath the mountain I can see
Just what you mean
And I would jump right in if I didn’t know for sure that I would die
Oh to fly
If the heavens declare the glory of God
You’d better believe I’d want to listen
So what makes me think that I can put a finger on the glory of God
Please escape me, all my favorite questions
Track Name: The Penitent Man Shall Pass
When everything I have is out on the table
Including everything I was and everything I want to be
I’m worn out from chasing a train that no matter how
fast I run on the tracks behind
Is out of reach
Lately I’ve been finding myself broken on the floor
When you tell me that you won’t take me any other way
What do you want from me
With you to walk humbly
When all I have is in front of you
Humble I can do
What is it Lord that I’ve kept hidden from your eyes
And who is it that can separate me from your love
As far as I can tell there are two things that will never change
I will always be weak, and you faithful and strong
Track Name: Will You Find
You left your home to be here, I left mine too
Will you ever see the things I see in you
And will you find tonight behind that false sense of humility
That there’s something beautiful inside
I can’t sleep when I think of all that you’ve been through
Will you find what you need in all that you pursue
We’ve all given up on things that we thought we’d never leave
Now can we give up on the things that they’ve taught us to believe
And will you find tonight behind the facade of independence
That there’s someone you can trust
Will you find tonight the one that you can trust with your life
Track Name: Light On
I’ve been stolen from, cheated, and taken for a ride
Been a couple times they took the sun right out of the sky
Hurt so bad I yelled out, but they could never win
They couldn’t take Christ within me, the hope of salvation
And they didn’t get my mandolin
There’s still a key on my chain there’s not a lock for anymore
There’s still a pain inside from the last heartbreak and shut door
And when you spend all your time copying what other people say
It’s hard to find your own words when you get ready to pray
There’s a light on up in the third floor room
It’s the sanctuary for the most part unnoticed
It’s humility, it’s the cleansed and changed
It’s the Book of Life, the Lord of understanding
There’s still so much about me that’s so far off from his word
The impact this world’s had on me, embarrassingly absurd
From deep beneath the dirt after digging away the lies
I found the simple truths so familiar they were hard to recognize
Track Name: Everything I Ever Wanted
Moving on, the moon with fur around it
Reminds me of a time when a different world was mine
And it is clearly tonight a sliver of what it was
Everything I ever wanted was to have something to call my own
To put heart into and be defined by its name
Everything I ever wanted was to have something to call my own
A place for my faith to rest
And oh, the new, when nothing is good enough but the comfortable
But how long will I display in my heart the yesterdays
While this moment fades
It’s not like people say about clinging to the past
It won’t slip through your fingers, it just gets old fast