Laid Down Roots

from by The Offshore Accounts



I came into this town with a twin-zipper backpack
A mandolin, two plastic totes, and the shirt upon my back
I signed up for the language course, it was a simple path to choose
And anyway you looked at it, I didn't have much to lose

I've laid down roots and I'm afraid that I could lose it all
Over a petty line dispute, over a referee's bad call
I know there's nothing I could ever truly call my own
But these roots have grown so deep and I need somewhere to call home

Last night the wind was blowing hard it must have tripped a car alarm
And at 3am it woke me from a sweet and deep slumber
I started thinking about investments and everything I own
Responsibility and normalcy as everything has grown

From underneath the comforter I reached over to my wife
You've gotta take some risks if you want any semblance of a life


from By All Means, released June 4, 2015




The Offshore Accounts Seaford, Delaware

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