Undivided Devotion

from by The Offshore Accounts



I’m always looking for the right word
I’m ever confident I’d know it if I heard
It whispered from the back of a crowded auditorium
It’s forever there, firmly fixed in heaven
But somehow on earth it’s gotten muffled out in such a bad, bad way

I’m always looking for the right turn
I try to draw upon the lessons that I’ve learned
From all the dead ends, side streets, and mapless expeditions in the fog
It was good for me that I was afflicted, you see
Cuz I got to learn your statutes and see your love all at the same time

We will never ever stray from
Your ways as you’ve revealed them in the volume of scripture
and in our lives
God, your grace has set in motion
The graded steps to united depths and a life of undivided devotion

But I will hold fast to your Law
Though the wicked call normal the deranged
I will praise you in the midnight hours
No matter how much things have changed


from By All Means, released June 4, 2015




The Offshore Accounts Seaford, Delaware

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